About Our Studio.

The Bar Method Costa Mesa offers so much more than a unique, transformative workout. We encourage our community to reach its highest fitness potential with compassion and knowledge. It is a place for positive change and self-empowerment. We are a family who aims to enhance your life by strengthening your body and your mind.

There’s something very special about The Bar Method: The way our staff and clients cheer each other on when goals are reached. The way our highly trained instructors connect with our clients and push them past their limits to affect change. We are a community that thrives on motivation and boosting confidence.

Studio owners Anika, Jessica, and Whitney each began their Bar Method journey as students who immediately fell head over heels for the dramatic results and supportive community environment. As instructors who share a mutual passion for helping their students discover the best version of themselves, the three owners have a combined 18 years experience teaching The Bar Method and are grateful to have participated in the evolution of so many dedicated students. From the countless client transformations to the personal bonds made between their clients and staff, they are so thankful to be part of something that makes a positive difference in the lives of others.

“We consider ourselves a family. A family that likes to work out…a lot!”
~ The Bar Method Staff